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TriExperts Hair Management Group

Who is L. Harper Owens? It's simple. She's every stylist who's entered the beauty industry unsure how to make it all work together to be successful. She's figured it out. There's concentrated ability for mostly every professional working in the industry, she's here to help you find it and perfect it! How'd we get here? 

  In 2008 L. Harper Owens started to make footprints in an industry reportedly generating billions of dollars in the United States. Through the years she's  received certification as a hair practitioner and hair loss specialist to help the growing epidemic with men and women of color suffering form alopecia of all types, along with scalp disorders. Years later she's purposed to offer information to limitless potential in the industry. Cosmetology, barber stylist, estheticians, nail technologists, natural hair care enthusiast along with any emerging industry professionals. After ten years, she's more inspired daily to offer strategic mentoring by several means of communication. L. Harper Owens has been educating for 8 years and her passion for the industry grows daily.  Presently, she is the sole owner of TriExperts Hair Management Group catering to an exclusive appointment only clientele. She serves many organizations to promote educating stylists, students, and freelance operators. In 2017 she founded SowHarpO housing services, mentoring, and informational sessions to individuals, students, and stylists seeking diversity in Cosmetology. Along with a group of salon owners, successful beauty pros, and elite business professionals, she breeds successful stylist who possess a passion to move upward in the industry. It is inevitable she continue to grow her educational skill set to continue helping others. She holds true to the adage to never stop learning and to always stay surrounded by iron to sharpen iron. Her goal is to see every passionate industry professional be successful in the industry. Our hope is that you find all information you seek to advance your career in the industry. If there is any information you seek and cannot find it here on our site please contact us.  L.Harper Owens, TriExperts HMG, and SowHarpO are here to serve you. Click below for more information.

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